Blackbeard’s Brig Escape Room Challenge



How does it work? 

You or your team will assemble in a themed room and will have one hour to complete your mission and “escape” the room. A successful escape will require you to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the room. Everywhere you look – and look everywhere – is a potential clue to get out of an escape room or riddle waiting to be solved. But hurry, the clock starts ticking the moment you enter the escape room!

Beating our escape room requires personal ingenuity, teamwork, speed, creativity, and patience. Escape rooms are perfect for those who want to challenge themselves, family vacations, corporate team-building, or just having fun with your friends you know or just met.

Our Blackbeard’s Brig Escape room is an amazing experience you don’t want to miss. So, get ready, discover clues to get out of the escape room, crack puzzles, and accomplish your ultimate goal (solving an escape room challenge).

Even if you don’t actually get out of the room, it’s fun for one or bring a team and have a blast making memories that you will treasure for a long time. Bragging rights are FREE!

Are you really locked in an escape room? 

We know what you’re thinking because we get asked this all the time: Are you really locked in a room? If you need to leave the room at any point during the game, you’re always welcome to step out.

What happens if you don’t escape in time? 

If you don’t escape in time, that’s okay! Whether you complete your mission in time or not, your Game Guide will meet you at the end of the game and open the room if you haven’t escaped yet. While it is exciting to be able to successfully escape, escape rooms are still lots of fun if you or the team don’t manage to make it out during the first attempt–it provides a goal to work towards the next time you come and play!

Are escape rooms Sanitized after each game?

Yes, you can play the game with confidence that the entire room is sanitized after each game and safe for play.

READY TO PLAY? Visit our Concierge at the resort to reserve your game time.

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